Why Cannabis-Infused Cocktails Are Growing in Popularity

Despite cannabis being legalized in most states of the world, the federal government still considers it illegal. Moreover, the use of recreational cannabis has been legalized in most states, but people consider sipping on an alcoholic drink acceptable than lighting a joint of cannabis. You should rest assured that unlike most cannabis infused drinks, Kalvara is looking forward to capitalizing on becoming a social phenomenon with the people.

The technological innovation delivers its cannabis infused drink with a twist. You have to twist the cap to infuse cannabis in the bottle containing water. The drink would be ready to help you get sky high in a matter of minutes.

What does cannabis-infused cocktail entail?

The cannabis-infused cocktail, Kalvara, would serve in a two-ounce bottle containing water. The patented drink would come with a nitrogen-pressurized vessel cap. It would be pertinent to mention here that the cap entails both THC and the natural citrus-flavored liquid. Both the THC and the citrus-flavored liquid would be suspended in the nitrogen at a specific pressure. The twisting of the cap would make the nitrogen inject both ingredients in the water. The liquid content is approximately 3.5 milliliters, whereas, the THC is nearly 10 milligrams.

The bottle could be reused along with the cap. The customers could also infuse their choice of beverage. It offers a great opportunity to make your cocktails. However, you should be certain about the kind of cocktail you wish to infuse with Kalvara.

What does Kalvara offer?

It would be pertinent to mention here that Kalvara would enable cannabis enthusiasts to make the most of the cannabis infused drink without drawing attention at social gatherings. You should rest assured that at a party, people would not like lighting up and smoking recreational cannabis. However, they would enjoy the infused cocktail without any heads turned their way for cannabis consumption. People would feel at ease when you offer them a cannabis-infused beverage. They would be comfortable consuming the product at a social gathering.

Delivers a quick kick

Kalvara would offer a quick kick that you long for after smoking or consuming recreational marijuana or cannabis. The nitrogen-pressurized cap would protect the THC and the citrus liquid from the harmful ultraviolet rays, heat, and oxidation. It would protect the potency of THC, which is essential for quick-hit provided to the people. Most people would feel the kick within 15 minutes of consumption of the cannabis-infused cocktail.