Just Crushed Your First HIIT Class? Here’s How To Recover.


You gave everything you had. You were left with that muscle-shaking, heavy-breathing, why-can’t-I-stop-sweating feeling that follows only the toughest of workouts. You just crushed your first HIIT class. You’ve just completed your first HIIT class. You want to maximize your workouts and accelerate your recovery (feeling sore? Your results and recovery can be affected by the actions you take after your workout. These are some tips to help you recover quickly after a workout.

  1. Stretch It When In Doubt.

It is important to warm up before you start a workout in order to avoid injury. A good stretch after a workout will help with muscle recovery and prevent stiffness. You can perform contraction after contraction throughout your workout.HIIT classYour muscles will become shortened. Stretching can help your body return to its natural position and prevent stiffening. For static stretches (those where you are in one position to stretch a particular muscle group), hold the position for approximately 25-30 seconds.

  1. Eat Your Proteins.

You see and hear lifters going around the gym shaking their Blender bottles full of protein. Consuming carbohydrate and protein-rich meals within one hour of your workout will help your body use its muscle tissue to fuel your recovery process. This will allow you to see faster results and prevent you from getting sick.HIIT class.

  1. Recover And Rest.

You are actually creating tiny tears in your muscle fibers by lifting heavyweights in the gym. Your body repairs your muscles after a workout by adapting to the stimulus. This is called hypertrophy and it’s how your muscles become stronger. Rest mode is where you can do the best job, as with many body repair processes. Get at least six hours of sleep each night after you finish yourHIIT classIt is crucial to give your body the rest it requires to heal and adapt.

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

After a sweat session, hydration is more than just sustaining your thirst. It’s simple: The more you sweat, the more your body is dehydrated. Although water alone can replenish fluids well, electrolytes are often lost when you sweat. You should sweat more during the day.HIIT classConsider a drink that contains electrolytes, to replenish your lost fluids. But be careful of sugary sports drinks.

  1. Active Recovery Is A Possibility.

After your first, you may feel extremely sore.HIIT class don’t hesitate to get the rest that you need. Active recovery is a great option for sore muscles and can even be very beneficial. Active recovery is a low-intensity workout that takes half the effort as compared to a standard workout. To stretch stiff muscles, try a yoga or barre class.

This post was written by Darryl Johnson, Co-Owner of Apex performance. At Apex performance we are a community of highly trained experts looking to provide performance enhancement and a permanent lifestyle change for our clients in a fun and interactive environment. Members can take advantage of group fitness in Tampa, small group classes, and specialized courses for a wide variety of athletics, sports training, and body goals!

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