Invisalign vs ClearCorrect: Which Orthodontic Treatment Is for You?

These days, more and more kids and adults are turning to products such as Invisalign to straighten their teeth discreetly. However, as clear aligners become popular, consumers are left with a lot of options to choose from. Since Invisalign was introduced in the 1990s, other brands like ClearCorrect have popped up, providing similar treatment. If you are looking to get clear aligners, you might be wondering which brand is best for you. When deciding between clear correct and invisalign, you must know the specific features of both options and how they will benefit you. Make sure your decision is based on what you think is right for you and what your wallet can afford.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening method that works by correcting teeth alignment using clear plastic straightness. The straighteners shift teeth slowly into the correct position. A lot of people like Invisalign aligners because they are clear and fit the teeth, making them less noticeable than other options. Also, they are removable which makes it easier to clean them and leave out for essential events like dates or job interviews. The lack of metal in these aligners means less gum, tongue, and lips irritation.

What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is also a set of clear plastic aligner trays meant to slowly guide teeth together to their new positions. Because the results of both Invisalign and ClearCorrect are largely the same, an orthodontist’s choice of offering either treatment option often comes down to the preference of their patience and what makes the most sense when it comes to things such as cost.

Which Option is for You?

Let’s compare both Invisalign and ClearCorrect in terms of the following factors:

  • Thickness. ClearCorrect aligners are usually thinner than those for Invisalign. This makes the aligners less visible. But, thinner materials may also be less sturdy.
  • Comfort. ClearCorrect uses the same plastic that Invisalign uses. Such material works well. But, Invisalign is now using its own patented smart track material. For most patients, this material makes the aligners more comfortable in their mouths.
  • Cost. ClearCorrect aligners are designed to be a “value alternative to Invisalign.” The brand charges orthodontists less and some orthodontists will pass the saving on to their patients. You might save money with ClearCorrect; however, make sure to do your price shopping. Also, check with your insurance provider if they cover this orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, insurance will cover a substantial part of the cost if it is considered medically necessary. If this is your case, you might be able to afford the more expensive option.