Going All-In on a Five-Minute Workout

If you have any ailments or pains these days, you’re likely to be told by your doctor that you need more exercise.

In fact, only 23% of Americans get enough exercise, according to Time.com, but what is enough exercise? Is it five hours a week in the gym or a ten-mile run every couple of days? Some might tell you it is, but that isn’t what everybody thinks.

Dan Negreanu is a top poker player, a game that requires you to be seated for prolonged periods. It isn’t immediately linked to health-conscious individuals, but Negreanu is different. He’s a committed vegan and is known for keeping himself in great shape. He doesn’t bet big on a long workout routine, quite the opposite. As Poker.org explains, professional poker players keep odd hours, and he fits his fitness regime into that, without serious implications on his time.

“If you spend just one-and-a-half hours of that week doing some form of exercise, it improves the quality of those other 166.5 hours you aren’t exercising. It makes you happier and more productive,” he writes on his website.

“Lots of people say they don’t have time (to workout), but they are looking at it the wrong way. You don’t need to spend four to six hours a day in the gym to be healthy. It takes two minutes to do ten burpees and another 30 seconds to do 20 pushups.

“Do that once a day, and you will likely find time to do more as you crave the high you feel after exercising. That mini routine isn’t easy, by the way; ten burpees will get your heart rate up there in a hurry.”

So, how can you grab a five-minute workout each day that helps you live healthier and happier? Here is one viable suggestion.


After a short warm-up, which is the most important part of any workout, you’re ready to begin. Remember, the workout doesn’t start with the warm-up, so you may need to schedule six minutes to ensure you’re prepared for the exercise.

Pushups – 30 seconds

The humble pushup is a great place to start, so get 30 seconds of those in first. Remember to keep your body straight, like a plank, for maximum benefit. Lower your chest to the floor, then lift back up once you come within an inch of the ground.

Leg Hold – 30 seconds

Switch onto your back, bend both knees so your heels are close to your bum, then push through your heels to raise your bum in the air. From there, extend a single leg and hold for ten seconds. Swap legs, hold for another ten seconds, and then repeat.

Chair Dip – 30 seconds

You’ll need a chair for this one, which is rather obvious. Put your hands on the chair seat and walk your legs forward until you’re holding your weight on the chair. Lower your body towards the floor, then lift back up. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Plank – 30 seconds

Dan Negreanu keeps a straight face in poker, and you’ll be playing it straight with the penultimate workout element. Get into the pushup position and rest your forearms on the floor. Brace your abs and hold yourself straight for 30 seconds.

Jumping Jack – 30 seconds

Get up onto your feet and shake off that workout! Jump up and, as you do, clap your hands and spread your legs as if in a star shape. Keep going for 30 seconds, repeating each time. Now, go back to the pushups and start again, giving you a total of five minutes.

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Image: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/02/16/19/28/burpee-1203906_960_720.jpg