Benefits of PRP – Get to Know Each and Every Detail of It

Of late PRP has gained a lot of attention and there is curiosity around it. Wondering what it is exactly? Well, PRP is the short form of platelet rich plasma and is a great cosmetic procedure for facial rejuvenation. Your skin looks rejuvenated and reduces all the signs of ageing. A lot of Hollywood stars are going for PRP treatment instead of going under the knife. Let’s take a close look at it.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma is incorporated by the procedure called bio facial. It gives a face lift without undergoing any surgery. Plasma is a naturally occurring substance in the blood and it is used to treat fire burns, any type of injury and obviously aging. Plasma is one of the most important biological substances in improving the bodyology of humans.

PRP is biologically extracted through blood. Blood is drawn out and then it undergoes centrifugation to separate the red blood cells, white blood cells and the platelet plasma. Then this plasma rich substance is injected underneath the layers of the skin. This in turn helps in synthesizing the collagen production.

When combined with hydraulic acid it improves the skin texture, reduces pigmentation and inhibits melanin production. This in turn gives a fair skin tone. Also, skin looks soft and supple as the volume and the elasticity of the skin increases.

How is PRP facial carried out and its benefits

The facial skin will be analysed. After deciding the extent of damage of the skin PRP will be injected on a clear skin. The skin before the injection is treated with alcohol so that the plasma can penetrate under the deep layers of the skin.

After injecting it to the affected areas the remaining PRP will be rubbed over the skin with the help of a derma roller. The whole procedure usually takes about 30 minutes after blood is being drawn out. However, it depends from person to person as per the area to be treated.

To clear younger looking skin with no signs of aging will at least require 3-6 sittings. The treatment should be one month apart for the skin to heal and absorb the plasma to the fullest.

Facial rejuvenation

PRP is an important substance in our body that stimulates collagen. Over the period of time our skin lacks lustre and elasticity. The moisture content from our skin depletes. PRP treatment can be provided to those areas which are difficult to treat such as the eye areas and crow’s feet. It can also help in reducing cystic acnes and hyper pigmentation. This procedure is completely safe as the plasma from the user’s body is drawn out and injected to the concerned region.