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Perhaps you or someone that you know has recently invested in a stairlift. It can change the way that those with mobility issues move about their house. Most importantly, it implements a renewed level of safety and comfort. But what

For every human being male or female, taking good care of skin should be included in the daily tasks. It covers all parts of our body and protects us from harshness of the environment. Besides, it performs various life-sustaining functions.

Dementia is a mental disorder, which impacts a person’s ability to think and can impair memory. It is one of the major neurocognitive disorders, but isn’t a disease. More often than not, dementia is related to age, seen frequently in

Crooked or crowded teeth can impact your self-esteem and confidence. Proper orthodontic care can fix the same. Back in the day, only metal braces were available to align teeth, but now with invisible trays (Invasalign), the scope of orthodontic care