A Guide To Cannabis Concentrates: The New Favorite Category Of Seasoned Users!

More than 30 states in the US have made way for medical cannabis. It is, therefore, not surprising that there are a wide range of cannabis products in the market today. If you are interested in a different experience beyond vaping and smoking, cannabis concentrates can be worth trying. The popularity of wax shatter & other concentrates has increased considerably, and for your help, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

What exactly are cannabis concentrates?

True to the name, cannabis concentrates are made in a way that the desirable cannabinoid & terpene profile is retained. With concentrates, you can have the purest experience with cannabis, with flavor, effects in place. Many products require meticulous production methods and standards, which is why cannabis concentrates are also expensive. Cannabis contains a bunch of compounds called cannabinoids, and only one – THC – is psychoactive. You can find concentrates that contain as much as 90% THC. Also, the terpene profile adds to the experience, especially the flavor and aroma, which many users love.

How are concentrates made?

The idea is to have the best levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, and therefore, concentrates are made in numerous specific ways to have that kind of profile. Temperature, pressure, and solvents used in producing concentrates make a big difference to the final product and its consistency. For instance, budder and wax are very different from one another. The eventual profile of a concentrate is also dependent on the strain being used. For instance, when a high THC level is desired, Indica-strains are commonly used, while some concentrates have a better terpene profile because of hybrid strains used.

What are the best options?

One of the most common type of cannabis concentrates is wax. True to the name, it has a waxy texture, and can be enjoyed using a dab rig. Shatter is similar, but with a different consistency. Shatter, like its name, can break easily into small pieces, and it can be enjoyed best through dabbing. More seasoned users are likely to prefer shatter over wax, although terpene and THC profiles are almost similar. There are also other products like THCA diamonds¸ which are not rich in terpenes and are more suited for those who want to experience the best effects of THC. In fact, THCA diamonds are among the best cannabis concentrates available in terms of THC profile.

Do your homework and go slow with cannabis concentrates!